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We mimic the characteristics of Moss; a hero who helps others flourish.

We help clients drive growth that is purposeful and transformative. We are not a consultancy which tells you what to do. We want to see you thrive over the long term, well after we are gone.

Organisational Design

Without the right Organisation Design strategy is just a list of desired things.

Our MossKinders work with companies to build the right organisational structures, capabilities and behaviours to execute their ambitions.

Organisational change and implementation

Tired of expensive PowerPoints? Us too. We provide the delivery capability so organisations can deliver the needed change.

We deploy MossKinders with real-life experience who deliver with our clients as one integrated team with one intention to deliver the change so the organisation can thrive after we’ve gone.

Talent Strategy & Transformation

Working with Founders and Talent Aquistion professionals to build and implement a modern culture of Talent Acquisition

Bringing excellence to the craft of Talent Acquisition, we utilise the MossKind Talent Acquisition Maturity Model to assess as-is maturity levels, build modern cultures of Talent Acquisition, and enable companies to achieve their ambitions. We’re able to provide recommendations for improvements or design and build the structures for you. 


Our global recruiter-on-demand service enables MossKind to effectively integrate within existing or new talent acquisition functions across start-up and enterprise organisations.

An embedded solution, similar to an RPO model, our MossKinders create immediate impact across the business whilst remaining flexible and cost-effective. 


Employee Value Proposition is why an employee chooses a new employer and is fundamental to a business retaining talent

Adopting our HumanKind EVP Model, we enable organisations to deliver on the promise of their employer branding by creating structures, practices and defining behaviours that are at the core of their business.

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