About us

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen”

Think of us as your professional gardener; hear us out 🙂.

MossKind see’s an organisation as the soil and people as the seeds

If the soil was toxic and unfit for purpose, what would happen to the seeds once planted? It’s the same with people and organisations; The right people will not flourish in a poorly set up environment and vice versa.

MossKind exists to reinvent HR consulting; we believe an organisation’s set-up and the talent acquisition function are co-dependent and pivotal to each other’s success and effectiveness.

We support and empower founders and leaders to unlock their organisations’ full potential through the combination of people and experience, ensuring the organisations have the right structures, principles and practices to thrive over the long term.

We are passionate about affecting real change and have no time for vanity projects, we won’t settle for anything less. We strive to use our extensive knowledge, network, and real-life experience partnering with organisations to help them flourish.

What’s in the name?

When there is devastation in the environment or a new environment is harsh, newly exposed rock, sand dunes, lava flows where simple species can not tolerate, the pioneer species are what brings the environment back to life.

Moss enriches and transforms the soil, allowing other species to become established. Pioneer communities help enrich the soil. The soil is then able to support a greater variety of plant life. Second-generation plants usually include grasses and small shrubs. With this plant life come animal species that feed on the plants.

Like Moss, our reason for existing is to enrich your soil; your organisation, so your seeds can flourish; your people – the humankind. Plus, we believe if you can be anything in the world right now, be kind. We are MossKind!

Michael Hall
Founder & CEO

“We are in an infinite game and one which is constantly changing. Everything we do is about people. People build and run companies. I believe success is our ability to find, surround and develop the right people, set them up for success, and develop solutions which solve real problems.

I believe everyone has it within them to be kind, and every company can create a shared value for people, society and the economy whilst reducing environmental impact.

In tandem with MossKinders and business leaders, we can affect positive change to create a better world for those coming behind us.”

Recognition for hard work

Founder and CEO Michael Hall has been recognised as one of 2022’s most exceptional business leaders at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards Grand Final. Following thousands of applications, this is a wonderful recognition of hard work and a collective team effort.

In partnership with Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards acknowledges and champions the hard work and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and businesses across the United Kingdom. Over the ten years, several big names have received accolades, including  Alan and Juliet Barratt of Grenade, Shaun Pulfrey of Tangle Teezer and Diary of a CEO host Steven Bartlett. 

Peter Roberts was the founder and former CEO of Pure Gym: “Overall, this is an excellent performance after some real challenges in early life. It’s quite a competitive world, but MossKind appears to be making good strides toward continued growth.”

Anne Boden MBE, Founder of Starling Bank, headline partner of the Awards, said: “Entrepreneurs up and down the country across so many different industries have shown just how innovative and resilient they have been in these uncertain times.”

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